I’m back with a skincare post, these are the most recent skincare items that I have used or yet to use. I bought a blackhead pore strip mask pack from eBay and will be doing a separate post on it.

Here pictured is:

Clearasil Super fruits Refreshing Wash from Sam’s 99p store. (My Mum purchased this).


It has a lovely fragrance. it will lather. I will either use it with my hands or the brush set that I got also from eBay.

4 in 1 Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Deep Skin Cleanser & Massage From eBay £5.99:


It has two speeds High and Low, Battery operated, have only used the face cleansing brush head, it isn’t waterproof and takes 2 AA batteries not sure if you can use it daily, but if you do I would say once in the day maybe at night. especially if you have oily/combination skin as from you deep cleansing your face the skin would produce more oils to re-compensate the cleansing, which you want to avoid before putting on makeup.

Lastly Beauty Formulas Detox Cleanser, Foaming Facial Wash and Facial Scrub which I bought in Savers for £1. I will be doing separate post on them so stay tuned for that.


Have you tried out these products? Let me know your thoughts.



4 in 1 Brush


Clearsil Superfruits Refreshing wash


Thanks for reading

Stephanie x


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