1. I love Mac & Cheese
  2. I was in the Army Cadet Force
  3. < How many times I’ve been out of the country so far
  4. The hearts in Haribos Starmix are the best
  5. I support Arsenal
  6. I have one sibling
  7. My favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate
  8. My favourite article of fashion is bags
  9. I dislike custard (It makes me want to vomit)
  10. I like warm colours
  11. I like planning & packing
  12. I like listening to music with in-ear headphones
  13. Not a avid gamer but I do like games where you can immerse yourself in
  14. I’m half Ghanaian & half Montseratian
  15.  I ❤ Rose gold brushes
  16. I like making lists
  17. would rather bake than cook
  18. I can wiggle my ears without touching them
  19. June is my birthday
  20. I am city girl
  21.  Ebay is one of my places to shop
  22. I like having fresh stationery
  23. < My age
  24. Loves spending time with my family gathered around
  25. I used to put sugar in water.


What are some facts about you that you would to share?

Thanks for reading.

Stephanie x


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